Murderer of true relationship

The word murder is to kill deliberately and it can be done unknowingly,
If you are not careful of handling your intentions.
Be it known unto you that, what you kill,
Can never be recovered back by man but by God.
Insincerity is the murderer of true relationship. No relationship that mistakes does not occurs sometimes but the sincere admittance of one’s error, mishap to your partner gives your relationship the ability to trust on each other, defend one another even in the absence of one.
Insincerity-if it is not properly checked and corrected, you will inculcate distrust to your partner and then, you have murdered your true relationship and by that, no good thing will be entrusted into your hands as a wife or as a husband; when you say the truth, it will not be seen or known as the truth; your truth will be taken for lie and your lies for truth.
Now, if the one who is insincere begins to act weird (strange character), don’t blame him or her because, the partner who is not sincere made him or her to be so.
A sincere woman and a sincere man who are in a relationship or business partner will always complement each other but, if one is sincere and the other is insincere, they misunderstand themselves because insincerity has crept in based on one not be sincere.
The sincere one will always take advantage of the sincerity of the other. If it is not carefully checked by the sincere partner, many things will go wrong and many things will fall apart and to put them together it is not going to be easy.
To you who are not sincere, don’t just think of the temporal benefits but the lots of damages that it will do to your life and your tomorrow. Don’t blame it on anybody. Sowing the seed of insincerity into a true relationship, will make you reap a relationship that nothing is working.
Behind every sweet relationship, there is a secret. If you have not discovered what it takes to boost your relationship interestingly, you will wallow in disagreement, hatred and quarrelling without consideration and forgiveness and even there is, there will be heart distance and not be open towards one another.
Sincerity is a love booster in every true relationship and what makes any relationship true is even the sincerity. The rate at which the love for each other grows in a relationship is not the physical beauty or make-up but the expression of true and sincere attitude from the heart.
Don’t expect love expression if you cannot be a sincere partner. If love will ever be expressed, it has limit and it is based on wisdom. True love does not exist when insincerity is in operation.
True character is not known when you are alone; it is known when you are with someone. If our character are not checked and corrected, it will make one to lose what you are not supposed to lose.

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