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Chapter 3: Spirituality by revelation

Life without knowledge is very dangerous (Rom. 10:2). Serving God without knowledge will make you lose your inheritance because, it is by knowledge that you will know the will of God for your life. Serving God without knowledge will make you to be in bondage but when you have knowledge, you will know what to do.
You cannot be spiritual without revelation. Christians ought not to be carnal but spiritual people and when you are spiritual, you are anointed and when you are anointed, you will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Spirituality is not in the written word of God (Bible) but in the revelation of the written word (Divine insight). You can never be spiritual when you don’t have revelation from God or you are not current of revelation. We should not play with revelation because, when there is revelation, there is going to be deliverance.
When there is no money, if the revelation is not there (lack of revelation), in the days of trials, you will have nothing to hold on to. When you lack revelation, you are dormant (inactive) but when there is con current flow of revelation, then you will be full and be seen as spiritual; therefore, you are not blind but in union with God. Christians with revelation are those who ought to be successful base on their obedience to God’s directives; but when they are standing in disobedience, success is far from them even with their revelation.
It takes having the Spirit of God in you first, and then, the word of God to draw revelation that will work because; it is the word of God that will give you revelation (2 Cor. 3: 6) but having the word of God and without the Spirit of God in you, nothing will work out well (no revelation). If you are someone who always draws away from God, you will always also be far away from revelation.
Revelation is the life of God and if you don’t have revelation, you have no life to pass on; it takes revelation for the people to be alive. Those who work by revelation are not always in a hurry; they are always observant, and patient.

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