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Chapter 2: Step aside for God

Matt. 16:18-19
When the people that the leader is leading don’t know where their leader is drawing his or her knowledge and power from to lead them, the people see him or her as an autocratic leader. Spiritual leadership is by the Spirit and the spiritual leader who does not take directives from his supreme leader (God) will not see ahead and can never lead well.
As the people (the subjects to the leader) are looking unto the leader, so also should the leader look unto his Supreme Head (God Himself). (Matt. 16:18-19) Jesus entrusted the power of leadership unto Peter and not just that, he was entrusted the power to deliver and to settle every contradictory situations in the lives of those that believes in the God that called him (Peter).
The word to Peter “I will build my church” and to the called ones, is to step aside; just be there, just go as you are led. The called has nothing to build but God has, and that’s the reason Psalms 127 says’ Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that builds it.
If you don’t know where your leader or you don’t understand whom you’re following as a spiritual leader, where he takes his /her leadership directives from; if it is the HolySpirit, you will criticize him as being an autocratic leader, that he doesn’t seek others opinion before he does anything; and you who is close to the leader will join the members who still don’t understands their leader to join the world[outsiders] to criticize him and then, you cannot defend your leader when he is criticized.
Jesus told Peter “STEP ASIDE”. Your effort is not needed; follow me [Jesus] as I lead you. The responsibility of building the church is not in the hands of man but by God, understand this!!!
If heaven violates your human efforts
What do you think that you will do,
That will work out? Absolutely nothing!!!
To step aside for God means total dependence on God; to do nothing but as he commands. To step aside means to decrease that He God will increase. STEP ASIDE COMPETELY! When your stepping aside is not complete, it means you are striving with God. Let all you do be by God; if it is by you, let it be by God’s consent (permission) if not bit will not yield any positive result.

The word “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH” comprises both of the spiritual and the physical that is, Him building the people spiritually and Him making provision for the physical structure. Don’t be afraid to take steps over what God has commanded you to do. Let the whole of you depend on God. Don’t move ahead of Him; move when He asks you to move and stop when He asks you to stop.” IF YOU MOVE AHEAD OF HIM, YOUB WILL MEET THE DEVIL”. The reason you will meet the devil is because He is not with you. When you move ahead of Him, you’ll make a lot of mistake and blunders that will make you to cry “WHY ME”?

Every outstanding work done by the sons of God, and seen by men, knows that God is behind. The reason many people criticize outstanding works of God done through called men of God, is because, they lack these knowledge. Critics criticize because they lack these knowledge, therefore they ascribe the glory of God to the devil; invariably, they’re saying that the devil is more powerful and that is where men blaspheme against the HolySpirit.
If you do it the way God wants it, if any problems arises, as you cry to Him, he will hear, answer and make a way and defend you. God said I, Prophet Divineunique O.O. on the 3rd June 2020, that as this book is on the typing process,- that “ the dimension that He [God] is going to use me, though He has been using me, that it is going to attract great criticism. He said that I should not doubt Him when He instructs me to do anything; but rather, I should comply and obey Him.
Delay sometimes comes when God has not given you the knowledge it takes to run or embark on the task ahead because, if the knowledge on how to do it is not passed on to you, you will waste the resources or position; but when you have gotten the knowledge of what to do, the provision and the supply will be easy to come and then, when you pray, because God knows that you have received an instruction on how to do it, Heaven will no more delay to supply the needs according to His riches in glory.
There is one thing to be in need, and another thing to know what you will use the need for; if you are in need and you don’t know how to use the provision given to you, Heaven will find it difficult to supply your needs.
Carcasses (miracles, solutions) are not gotten by prayers or fasting only but they are gotten by obedience.
For where there is carcass, there will the eagles gather.
The carcass is the power (miracles) and that is the bread of the children, while the eagles are the sons of the kingdom. Carcass can never be when there is disobedience, rebellion, and resistance to the Holy Spirit because, the carcasses are not to be wasted but to be utilized as God directs and commands. Eagles are retained by carcass especially those that are ordained to feed from that place that is originally ordained for them.
The reasons for the roaming about of some eagles are because:-
• Unbelief
• Lack of understanding where they ought to be
• Too tired to wait (impatient)
When there is lack of understanding (Jesus saying I am the bread of life), and the people lack spiritual insight and are full of carnal knowledge, it makes them to misinterpret you wrongly.

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