Ministers impact

Chapter 1: Prayer and power

Sub-topic: Power for Church growth

Ps 127:1
If there will be fellowship, there is need for constant relationship and where there is none, no free flow of God’s power. Fruitfulness in God’s word is a supernatural progress. The church can only experience growth when God is fully involved and only then can the builders (the ministers) is confident in their building (the church; the members).
If you don’t dwell in the secret place of God in prayers yourself, you cannot do it publicly. You cannot do more than what you have not done secretly, outwardly. If your secret prayers made are not with seriousness to God, your result in the public will be poor.
The outstanding performance of anything,
Is traceable to the secret work
done before the day of performance.
If the church must grow, (even you) spiritually, the aspect of prayers should not be neglected or overlooked. The key for all growths (both the church and you) lies in our prayer life; and if you don’t pray, the church will be powerless. The effectiveness of the church is tied down to prayers. The believer’s prayers are God’s price for supernatural power in our lives and church. NO PRAYERS, NO GROWTH.
Acts 1:13-14, 2:1-4
The church is like a living organism with Christ as the Head. If the church must experience growth, then, prayer is needed because; it is what gives strength and power to the church. The church will only make impact if there are consistent prayers made (1Tim. 2:8, Phil. 4:6). Prayers are more effective if we have the word. The declining of the church is the testimony of prayers neglected.

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