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Ministers impact

Chapter 1: Prayer and power Sub-topic: Power for Church growth Ps 127:1If there will be fellowship, there is need for constant relationship and where there is none, no free flow of God’s power. Fruitfulness in God’s word is a supernatural progress. The church can only experience growth when God is[…]

Murderer of true relationship

The word murder is to kill deliberately and it can be done unknowingly,If you are not careful of handling your intentions.Be it known unto you that, what you kill,Can never be recovered back by man but by God.Insincerity is the murderer of true relationship. No relationship that mistakes does not[…]

Before and after the marriage

Chapter 1: Introduction Genesis 3:1-9(kjv)It is not possible for you to use the tool that you don’t have to work and if you even have it, if you don’t have the knowledge it takes to handle it, you will destroy both the tools and what you are working on.The first[…]

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