Before and after the marriage

Chapter 5: What to do when faced with marital challenges.

1Sam. 1:1-9a
Marital challenges could come sometimes as a result of temptations, attack or tests wither spiritual or physical. When you are faced with marital challenges, be careful in order for you not to make \take a wrong step; and if only you can listen to God in the midst of the challenge attentively, He will give you directives. Always learn to enquire from God what you need to do when you are faced with marital challenges.
The reason why you need to seek the face of God is, even when you’re faced with marital challenges, He gives you peace to the storm. If you use a canal weapon to fight a spiritual battle, it will not work or give the expected result but it will rather grow worse. Nobody has what it takes to solve any problem completely except CHRIST JESUS.
When you take a wrong step, you will have a wrong result; if you take the right step, even though you are been criticized, your result will be right. Nobody knows how to marry, so, we need to seek for the right knowledge to be able to stay in the marriage. When you are faced with marital challenges that it seems you want to pack out, instead of packing out, face your God and your God will face your challenges.

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