Before and after the marriage

Chapter 3: Personal personality

Acts 16:14-15
You are known by what you do and what you say. Words of deception does not come straight, they are always cunning. No false or pretentious attitudes last; only the true attitude, inhabited right habits stays long: for every false attitude displayed, will expire after a while.
Marriage is attitude displayed.
What will make your marriage last is not the birth price you paid, not the wedding, not how much you spend for the marriage, it is not the court wedding; if not, these things would have been binding married couples together forever. If wrong attitude is displayed in your marriage plus your court marriage, your white and traditional marriage, no matter how expensive they are, it will disqualify your marriage.
Don’t base the elasticity of your marriage
On your marriage vows or covenant;
And because of that,
You abandon the good manners that will keep the marriage.
God is ever ready to keep every true marriage if we allow Him. If what should be done and put in place is not done, the marriage still will not hold in spite of the couples been joined together by God or even if the marital rites are been paid. Work on your character. Good manner is likened to a gold that will be treasured in the marriage. Good manners will always be remembered.
If you don’t prepare early, you will met disappointment no matter the prayers. No mistakes that we have made that God cannot undertake (forgive, correct and fix) if we acknowledge it and repent from it. Though correction is painful but it is the price to make a u-turn for a better life. Don’t mind the price of making u-turn to move ahead; if you do, you will end your life in regrets and shame.
Endeavour to create for yourself an identity (good manner) that will identify you well. People of renowned (fame, celebrities, well recognized) are those who subjected themselves to training that gave them the name “A RENOWNED PERSON”. When everything is wrong inside of you, don’t think you will exhibit anything that is right.
Don’t be late. Start early, then you will arrive early.

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